ARIS .Net Scripting Tool for ArcMap

Use your .Net code in ArcMap just as easy as you were used to work with VBA scripts. With the ARIS .Net Scripting Tool you can create, edit and run DotNet code within an ArcMap session. A perfect solution to test parts of your code during application development or to switch from VBA to VB.Net.

VBA macro support was deprecated in ArcGIS 10 and ESRI was planning to stop support after ArcGIS 10.2. Migration of VBA code was only possible to Visual Studio or to Python, but now you can stick to scripting inside ArcGIS with the DotNet Scripting Tool (no Visual Studio license required).


ARIS .Net Scripting Tool started in ArcMap


Getting started
Once you have installed the ARIS .Net Scripting Tool and enabled the extension in ArcMap, just select .Net Scripting in the customize menu to start making your custom code. In the example below the VB.Net script adds an extra Map Frame to the Layout View in ArcMap.


ARIS .Net Scripting Tool example with VB.Net


Use .Net scripting
Replace VBA scripts with VB.Net scripts so you are prepared when VBA is not available anymore in ArcGIS. Test small parts of your .Net applications in ArcMap without making any major changes in your source code. Use .Net scripts to be able to use objects or methods (from ArcObjects) not available in Python.


Some specifications of the .Net Scripting Tool:

  • Edit source code
  • Syntax highlighting
  • No need for binding ArcGIS license
  • Build the code to check for potential errors
  • Run the code in ArcMap
  • Output, Debug and Error window
  • Import or export source code from/to file
  • Save source code in the ArcMap Document (MXD)
  • Support for Visual Basic (VB.Net)
  • Future release: Support for C# (C#.Net)

See the User´s Manual for a detailed description.


New version

The latest version has some minor changes:

  • Compatible with ArcGIS 10.3 / 10.3.1 / 10.4 / 10.4.1


Required is one of the following ArcGIS 10.0, ArcGIS 10.1, ArcGIS 10.2 / 10.2.1 / 10.2.2, ArcGIS 10.3 / 10.3.1 or ArcGIS 10.4 / 10.4.1 licenses:

  • ArcView / ArcGIS Desktop Basic
  • ArcEditor / ArcGIS Desktop Standard
  • ArcInfo / ArcGIS Desktop Advanced

Check available versions for your ArcGIS version.

ArcObjects SDK for the Microsoft .Net Framework needs to be installed for necessary references. Visual Studio is not required for the ARIS .Net Scripting Tool.

The DotNet Scipting Tool is not available for ArcGIS Pro yet, please contact us if you are interested.


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Please contact us if you have any other questions about the ARIS .Net Scripting Tool.


Interested? You can download a fully functional version, with 5-day trial license by clicking on the "Download setup" link or view the User´s Manual in the table below (available soon, click the Request link below to be kept informed).

If you decide to purchase this product, a key will be sent to you by email. This key will enable you to unlock the permanent license.


Available versions:

2.0.0 ArcGIS Pro 2.x Request
1.2.0 ArcGIS 10.5/10.5.1/10.6 Request
1.1.0 ArcGIS 10.3.x/10.4.x Manual Download setup Buy
1.0.1 ArcGIS 10.0/10.1/10.2/10.2.x Manual Download setup Buy