ARIS Geodata Browser for ArcMap (Dockable Window)

The ARIS geodata browser is a dockable window with a geodata browser for adding data to ArcMap.

The ARIS geodata browser is a tool for ArcMap to add data from a dockable window. The ARIS geodata browser can be used as a replacement or in addition to the default ArcMap "Add Data" button.




With the ARIS geodata browser a fast explorer-like search is performed. It's possible to browse for specific datatypes like:

  • Shapefiles
  • ArcMap layer files
  • CAD datasets (dxf, dwg, dgn)
  • Coverages
  • ESRI Grids
  • Images (jpeg, bmp, tiff, gif, ...)
  • Personal Geodatabases
  • File Geodatabase
  • Data through Spatial Database Connection
  • TINs
  • PC Arc/Info coverages

This dockable window can stay visible while working in ArcMap. Adding data is easy by using the "Add to map" context-menu option or by double clicking the dataset.

The ARIS geodata browser dockable window is opened and closed by a button GeodataDockWin in ArcMap. The state of the treeview (expanding of folders) is saved when closing the dockable window within one ArcMap session.

Required is one of the following ArcGIS 9.2 or 9.3 licenses:

  • ArcView
  • ArcEditor
  • ArcInfo

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